Endo Scientific 500mg Cream


Endo Scientific

Through years of organic research and development, Endo Scientific has created the strongest genetic, cultivation, and THC mitigation programs that create the highest terpene and compound expression from hemp. The extraction techniques used coupled with refinement capabilities enables Endo to create a pure product with high bioavailability.

Founder, Pauli Rotterdam holds a master’s degree in Biochemistry and is a leader in medical formulations for Hemp products.  Pauli has designed a plant pollination process to ensure the best product whether in a cream, capsule or sublingual oil.

Pauli has been in the business of high-potency hemp cultivation, growing, and extractions since the very early days of this industry.  He knows plant science and is considered as an expert in this field.

Why EndoScientific is One of the Best


When you have the full plant extraction (with all of the cannabinoids), you get all that the plant has to offer.  Endo Scientific uses FSO and always has.  


The Endo Scientific hemp farm is small which affords the luxury of the plant’s care from the ground up.  They are also protected by the Farm Act of 2014.

Endo Scientific cultivates non-irradiated seeds.  Irradiated seeds have undergone a process of ionized radiation in order to increase shelf life and kill any bacteria that might exist.  If seeds are not irradiated, the end product is highly useable and useful to the human body.  The healthier the seed the more dynamic the response will be in the body.

Not all Hemp Compounds are created Equal

What you put in and, on your body, should be as fully organic, sustainable, and clean as possible.

Oil from hemp requires a simple extraction process but be aware, not all extraction processes yield the best products.

Some manufacturers use liquid chemical solvents to extract the oil because it’s cheap, simple and requires the least amount of equipment.  This means there are impurities and contaminants in the final product.  The color results in a greenish rather than golden amber hue and tends to be more bitter.

A more precise (and expensive) method which Endo Scientific uses is called CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction.  The equipment used is called the “closed-loop extractor”.  Hemp compounds are easily extracted from the plant with minimal effort and without harmful chemicals.  The finished product is a full spectrum oil which contains all of the important and necessary components of the plant that liquid solvents can remove.

Synthetic and GMO Hemp Oil

Genetically Modified Organisms are artificial, not naturally occurring, therefore our bodies do not process them the same way as they would the original product.  We should all avoid GMO’s at all costs and this goes for hemp oil.  The trouble is, you may not know if the oil you are taking and giving to your children and pets are GMO.

Synthetic hemp oil is GMO.  You can rest assured that Endo Scientific’s hemp products are 100% natural, perfectly designed for your body as Mother Nature intended.


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Endo Scientific 500mg Cream

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